TomTom Spark 3 Cardio Review

March 11, 2017

I bought the Tomtom Spark 3 Cardio Fitness Watch to replace my dated Polar heart rate monitor; so dated in fact it isn’t available on their website anymore. The Polar was also a wrist watch however I had to wear a heart rate tracker belt around my ribs to pick up my heartbeat which wasn’t the most comfortable! The main features I use are the built-in heart rate monitor, GPS tracking and multi-sports mode so I feel it only right to review only these aspects.


Built-in heart rate monitor – I use this for both cardio and weight training. There is a lot of discussion revolving around the point of using a fitness watch for weight training, however I find it useful and extremely motivating. When I finish a set and am waiting for my next one I find it useful to keep an eye on where my heart rate is so it doesn’t drop too much. The watch also beeps when you are nearing your maximum heart rate which I love to hear when squatting heavy. Alongside tracking your heart rate it shows the amount of calories burnt which I find the most motivating as you can see what your hard work is achieving.

GPS tracking – This is obviously the most useful when doing outdoor activities such as running/jogging, hiking or bike riding. I used this whilst on a 21km hike, a 15km bike ride and for the half marathon. If you like to track your distances as I did on my half marathon practise runs this is very useful to use!

Multi-sports mode – You can select which particular sport you are training and the watch will track you in the most effective way. For example, if you select run for your training the watch will track your heart rate and calories burnt alongside GPS tracking. Whereas if you are training in gym mode there is no reason to have GPS tracking. The different sports you can select are run, bike, swim, treadmill, indoor cycling, gym or freestyle (hiking/walking).


I love this watch, it comes with me on every activity I do, I find it a great motivator and spurs me on to work hard. It is like my encouraging workout buddy. It is a pretty sturdy watch to say the least – it accompanied me on a 10km mud run I did in October last year and luckily for me it is waterproof up to 130ft as I was submerged in mud and allsorts!

The watch can connect to your phone through bluetooth and the Tomtom MySports app is where you can view your workouts. For any GPS tracked activity you get a Google map of your route, your pace, the route elevation and km markers.


The only niggle I have had with this is that it can take a long time to connect with a GPS signal. For me it sometimes took up to five minutes which can be too long when standing in the dark on a cold winters night waiting to go on a run. However this could just be bad signal where I am, and it doesn’t stop me from recommending this fitness watch to everyone and anyone. If you are after a motivator and an effective way to track how many calories you are burning this is the device for you!

If you have any more questions about the Tomtom Spark 3 Cardio Fitness Watch please feel free to leave me a comment and I will try and answer them as best I can!


4 responses to “TomTom Spark 3 Cardio Review”

  1. Cw78 says:

    Hi, thanks for the honest and simple review. I have read many horror reviews on Amazon claiming that the strap breaks easily or how erratic the heart rate is. Would you be able to share your experience with the Spark 3 in relation to strap and hrm? Thanks.

    • I can honestly say I have had no issues with the strap or the heart rate. It did freeze on me once during a workout and I had to connect it to my computer in order for it to come to life again, but apart from that I have had no issues.

  2. Robert says:

    Is this a good product? Please let me know your opinion!!!

  3. Venkatesh Madurai Subramanian says:

    The product is good but the strap is CRAP. See

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