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April 15, 2017

One cold, dark evening in December last year I decided to finally get my hands on one of these beautiful planners I had seen posted time and time again on Instagram. Anything to promote positivity, reflection and wellness on a daily basis seems like a winner to me.

So what makes this different to other planners you ask?

Firstly I have never bought such an expensive planner (£40), however after looking at what is included and thinking to myself “would this be a something positive in my day to day life?” I decided to purchase it ready for the start of 2017.

I chose the Serenity and Rose Quartz (blue and rose gold) planner, which was actually very hard to choose seeing as I liked every colour combination! It arrived at the end of December in a carefully packaged box and to my surprise came with a matching rose gold pen and clips.


Looking eagerly through the planner I realised how much reflection would be coming my way over the next twelve months. Each month starts with a plan page where you can set yourself both personal and work goals, along with aspects you are excited about and ‘happy’ things you want to do. Personally I love a goal big or small to work towards, and when it is written down in front of you (to me anyway) it gives me that extra push to work towards it.


A day to a page is how the planner is set out, which of course makes it large in size, but I prefer this to scrunching up my notes in a scribbled mess. You have the standard day to day schedule, to-do list and notes section, however the extras are what makes this planner so special and individual. You can write what you’re excited about for the day, what your main focus will be, good things about the day and what you are grateful for. Thinking of what to write came few and far between for me at the start. When teetering on pessimism, as I do more than I like, it can be hard to find the good in a bad day. But there is always something good, and this is what using this planner has shown me. Big or small you can be grateful and happy every day.


Once you reach the end of the month you find yourself face to face with a reflection page. Here you can reflect on struggles as well as positives. The spin The Happiness Planner puts on this is to find solutions on how to overcome these struggles, which I really love. It is sometimes too easy to be content and put up with something going wrong, instead of pulling yourself back up and fighting to make it right.


All in all I applaud the way this planner makes you peer into your emotions and thoughts, and forces you to take a positive spin on the every day. For some people this can be terribly difficult, like myself sometimes, but an aid like this however simple it may seem can make a big difference.

Buy your own gorgeous planner here (aff link) and start your journey towards happiness and gratitude.

H x

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