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May 1, 2017

With around 75 exhibitors at FitCon it was a given that I would come away from London with some new treats to try!

Novo isn’t a brand I had come across before, but I tried practically all of the samples of their cereal, crisps and wafers they were giving out. These Protein O’s have great macros and the taste of them is great – that don’t taste like protein at all, and of course I got chocolate flavour as I am obsessed! The other flavours were nice too, especially the cinnamon & vanilla flavour.



Another product from Novo I got were these chocolate protein wafers. They literally tasted amazing! Not the healthiest of macros but if you are looking for a treat with added protein this could be something for you to try.



I had seen Instagram posts of Protein Pantry and everything always looks delicious so I was excited to see them on the Protein Pick & Mix stand. They had samples of this Frosted Chocolate Cupcake flavour and it didn’t disappoint! It has to be on of the best protein bars I have ever tried. Looking back I now wish I had bought some more. They use PEScience Select protein in their products. Macros – 265cals 13.4g carbs 7.3g fat 25g protein.


Another brand I had seen a lot of on Instagram is Swolesome Foods and they also had some products at the Protein Pick & Mix stand so I had to try something. They had a few different types of cookies including cookies with Reeses’s inside! Not the healthiest of macros, but for a sweet treat this would no doubt hit the spot. Macros – 382cals 46.1g carbs 20.1g fat 8.5g protein.


I have previously tried a few Dr Zak’s products including their high protein bread, so I was intrigued to see what else they had on the stand. These clusters stood out to me as I am a self-confessed food grazer throughout the day, so small protein snacks like this suit me well. As you can see the macros are pretty good, and I can imagine having the chocolate clusters on top of yoghurt for a sweet snack.



As I entered the Olympia building I was handed one of these Muscle Moose energy drinks. I have never tried Muscle Moose before and I didn’t know they did these energy drinks. These drinks are zero sugar and contain BCAAs so it would be great as a pre-workout drink.


Of course being an expo there were some freebie samples being handed out throughout the day, and below are the supplements I picked up to try. So far I have tried the ProSupps HYDE pre-workout in blackberry which tasted nice and definitely gave me a boost – it was the first time trying pre-workout and I was buzzing for at least an hour.


Overall I picked up some great new products to try and so far I have really liked everything! This is the great thing about going to events like this, you get to try before you buy!

Did you pick up anything from FitCon and can recommend?


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