The Mental Health Tag|Mental Health Awareness Week #5

May 12, 2017

The Mental Health Tag has been floating around the internet the last couple of days in aid of Mental Health Awareness Week so I thought I would give it a go too! I have taken these questions from Aoife‘s blog:

1. What is your Mental Health Issue?
Generalised anxiety disorder.

2. Do you have medication and/or therapy?
I take medication daily and I have weekly counselling sessions which I only started three weeks ago.

3. What therapy/medication have you tried and has any worked for you?
Luckily for me the first type of medication I tried synced well with me so I am still taking that once in the morning, plus I have another which I can take as-and-when I am feeling particularly bad. I have tried counselling a couple of times but they never worked out for me until now. When I was 17 the NHS referred me to a children’s counsellor and I didn’t feel the methods used in the sessions worked for me at all. I went through the NHS again about four months ago but the only available appointments they had were in working hours, and seeing as I work full time it wasn’t going to be possible. This has forced me to seek private help which isn’t so great for me financially, but I am very positive I have found someone who can potentially help me.

4. How long have you had problems for?
I had social anxiety from a very young age through my very early years, but anxiety hit me hard in my late teens when I also had depressive episodes.

5. Do your family/friends know?
Yes, the people I am closest to all know and not one of them is dismissive of it and they are all so supportive, I am very lucky!

6. Does this affect your work and daily living?
It honestly depends on how I am feeling day-to-day. On my bad days I find it hard to concentrate at work and I can be very quiet.

7. What makes you feel calm?
Exercise of any kind so I go to the gym or for a walk. Watching a film in bed in comfy clothes. Writing my blog which is one of the main reasons I started. Speaking to my closest friends or mum. Colouring in. Lighting a nice smelling candle and having a hot bath.

8. What do you do in a crisis?
I usually call my mum straight away. She has been there with me since the start of my anxiety problems so she knows better than anyone what I will be feeling and how to calm me down.

9. What advice would you give to others suffering?
Reach out for help and support. Once I stopped feeling ashamed of my problem and started telling people about it a weight was lifted off my shoulders. There is a lot of negativity surrounding visiting your doctor for mental health issues but mine has always been incredibly understanding and has helped me step by step to get to where I am now. Be patient with yourself through recovery, it will be a bumpy road but worthwhile in the end.

10. What makes you smile?
My friends and boyfriend, planning holidays, eating chocolate, my cats, watching Disney films.

11. Describe your mental health issue in 5 words.
Controlling / Unfair / Tricky / Misunderstood / Treatable

12. Insert a picture to make people smile.





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