What Not To Say To Someone With Anxiety|Mental Health Awareness Week #6

May 13, 2017

It can sometimes feel like you are losing a battle to get people to take you seriously when you have a mental illness. Some out there are just terrible people who will prey on this to get to you, however others just find it very hard to understand it if they haven’t experienced it themselves.

Recovery isn’t easy or quick and it takes a lot of patience from those around you, however you also need to work hard yourself which can be exhausting! Collectively we all need to think more about how our actions and words can affect someone else, however trivial it may seem as it can really affect someone in ways you didn’t mean it to. Below is a list of statements I have received in the past which have really bothered me.

What not to say to someone with anxiety:

So what should you say?

Let them know you are there for them and are willing to help them. Reassure them you will be patient and you understand they are having a hard time. Maybe you don’t need to say anything at all, just listening to them may be what they need.


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