Balance Festival | My Experience & Vlog

May 18, 2017

At 10.30am I arrived at Shoreditch High Street station ready to experience Balance Festival at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. This event mixed all things wellness and fitness including workout classes, live cooking, inspirational talks, workshops and shopping.


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I had an Xtend Barre class booked for 1pm so I had a couple of hours to look around and take everything in beforehand. Like Be:Fit and Fitcon there were many different brands showcasing their products and offering samples which I enjoyed trying.


I finally got to try some Ombar raw chocolate and fell in love with the 72% cacao samples so I ended up buying a few bars. Another raw chocolate brand I found and liked which I had never heard of before was Pana Chocolate and their 80% cacao samples had me going back for more a couple of times.

Pollen and Grace were offering their banana bread as samples and let me tell you, it is the most amazing banana bread I have ever tried and was made from 100% natural ingredients. I have to find the recipe!

Unpopular opinion time but I am not a fan of coconut. So when a lovely lady at the Invo Coconut Water stand persuaded me their water tastes better than other kinds I reluctantly agreed to try some. However I was really pleasantly surprised and the water was so refreshing without the overwhelming coconut taste.

The best display award would definitely go to Elspeth’s Kitchen who has the most beautiful baked goods on display accompanied by flowers and all things feminine.

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There were a number of different classes being held over the weekend including Xtend Barre, Boom Cycle, F45, Third Space, Another Space, Barry’s Bootcamp, UN1T and Tri Yoga.

I booked myself in to try Xtend Barre but I wish I had also tried out the Another Space HIIT workout which involved a punchbag. I have never used a punchbag as part of a workout so that would have been interesting to take part in. Next time!

Whilst I was waiting for my barre class to start a UN1T class was well under way and it looked very intense! A lot of shouting and sweat. To me it looked like a full-on HIIT class which would be an amazing fat burner.

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Live Cooking

I got a standing position at the live cooking theatre to watch London Paleo Girl, Alt Healthy Beki, Lucy Bee and The Food Grinder cook in a Ready Steady Cook style – they were given a bag of mystery ingredients and had to make dishes from it. It was fun to watch and presenter Chessie King was great.

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Overall it was a great event and a day well spent alongside hundreds or like-minded people. It was such a shame the weekend clashed with BodyPower however as I would have liked to have gone to both. A haul post shall be up shortly and an Xtend Barre class review.

Did you go to Balance Festival? What were your favorite parts of the day? Comment below!


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  1. basilandvogue says:

    I went to the balance festival this year and absolutely loved it! I wrote all about it on my blog too!

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