Stepping Up | Reaching 10,000 Steps a Day

May 25, 2017

We get told to aim for 10,000 steps a day, but how many of us actually manage to reach that?

I was interested to see what others were achieving in terms of daily steps so I made a poll on Twitter to find out, and the results were quite close:


I have a desk job meaning I spend the majority of eight hours sitting down five days a week and I for one struggle to get near 10,000 steps, and I know a lot of others are in my shoes too. For a couple of months now I have been using the app Pacer to record my steps and I find I look at it numerous times a day to see how I am doing. I do own a TomTom Spark 3 which has a step counter, however I have my phone on me all the time either in my hand or in my pocket so I find it more convenient to use.

On a standard work day I get to just above 5,000 steps, and this includes walking to and from work, walking to and from the gym and taking a small stroll on my lunch break. Below is a snapshot of an average week for me:

unnamed (1)

I am wanting to be more active in the day and get this number higher so below are some ideas I am going to kick start into action which you could find helpful too:

During the Working Day

I sit at a desk for almost eight hours, however I always make sure to go for at least a fifteen minute stroll at lunchtime. Even walking for five minutes will make a difference.

If possible try walking to and from work. I am lucky that I live only a ten minute walk from work so this is possible for me.

When driving to work try parking a little further away than usual.

Get off a stop or two earlier than usual on public transport.

If you can, take a ten minute break to walk around the block or up and down the road to get some fresh air.

Volunteer to do errands such as going to the Post Office or getting milk.

Make the Most of Your Free Time

Run errands on foot. I am guilty of jumping in the car to go to the shops which are only a twenty minute walk away.

When food shopping go up and down every aisle, or make an extra lap around the supermarket.

Take cardio workouts outdoors – now summer is approaching in England I am looking forward to hiking and woodland walks at the weekend.

Explore new places. If you take the same trail on your walks and it’s getting a little dull mix it up and find a new route.

If you have a free hour or so on a sunny day why not grab your phone and put on a podcast or audiobook and take a brisk walk whilst listening to something for entertainment. It is tempting to sit on the sofa and binge watch your new favourite Netflix show but why not make the most of the weather and get moving.

Do you have any good tips to be more active? Let me know in the comments.


4 responses to “Stepping Up | Reaching 10,000 Steps a Day”

  1. MaleLifestyleBlogger says:

    I like your tips to get some extra steps. They can be incorporated into our daily life easily.

  2. oxsian says:

    During my office hours I rarely make 3-4k around work unless I really try, and most of the time thats me going gym before work! I try to get up early and do a lap round the office to try and up my steps now!!


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