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May 31, 2017

This is a bit of a throwback post as this was from 2016, however this is an event I really enjoyed and it’s fun to look back on the photos for a good laugh! The Major Series is run by the British Military Fitness and I took part in the Southern race in October 2016. There were two course options being a 5km and 10km, and I opted for the 10km as I love to challenge myself.

Of course doing a mud run in England in October you’d expect to get cold and wet, however it was exceptionally cold that morning and it started to rain just as the starting gun went off. As soon as we got into the woodland I realised my trainers were not going to get me around the race quickly at all as they had awful grip. It was so muddy you could barely go quicker than a brisk walk unless you had studded shoes on or you risked landing face first in the thick mud.

I would consider myself quite a girly girl but I am also not afraid of getting dirty in situations like this, so as many others were slowly trying to cross a wobbly bridge over the muddy bog (second image) I ran across and jumped straight in. I only got freaked out once when I saw fish flapping about!


Luckily as I was already quite fit in terms of strength the obstacles weren’t too challenging, it was the running cross-country in rubbish shoes which made my ankles hurt a lot. The best obstacle of course was the huge inflatable slide near the end! (As you can see I am loving it).


Overall I had so much fun doing this event however it isn’t for somebody not willing to get mud in your ears and get soaking wet, as it truly lived up to its name of being a mud run. I completed the race in 1hr 58mins. Push yourself to try something out of your comfort zone like this, you won’t regret it.


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