How To Keep Fit Your Own Way | Guest Post For Brain Füd

June 6, 2017

I love to share my thoughts and advice on my blog as you will know, so when I saw the team at Brain Füd were looking for contributors to their blog I volunteered straight away! Brain Füd make delicious revitalising fruits waters containing vitamins with no added sugar which are a healthy alternative to sugar filled energy drinks.

There are countless articles online claiming they can give you the key on how to keep fit, however fitness is such a subjective concept to each individual so there is no ‘one size fits all’. Below are my tips on how to keep fit in your own way:

Don’t Be A Copycat

Hate running? You don’t have to! Just because you follow somebody on social media who runs regularly and you consider them ‘fit’ it doesn’t mean you need to be a runner too if you don’t enjoy it. There are many other ways to get active after all.

Does your fitspo share their calorie breakdown on Instagram? Do not fall into the trap of thinking you need to be eating the same as them. Nutrition is a very individual thing and is different from person to person depending on aspects like height, weight and daily activity.

Find Your Own Path

Get out there and try new activities! Personally in the past year I have tried numerous activities such as running, inside bouldering, pole dance and aerial hoop, some of which I don’t do and some I still do. You will never know what you will enjoy until you try it out. Ask a friend to go along with you if you are nervous about trying something for the first time.


Educate Yourself

Once you find an exercise you enjoy make sure to educate yourself to avoid injury and to make progress. If this is running look into getting some proper running shoes. If it’s dance find a local class you can join. If you want to start lifting weights ask a personal trainer to show you the ropes.

Are your current food habits slowing you down? Start thinking about your diet and what you need in terms of reaching your goals. Ask a nutritionist for advice or read up on what your body needs.

Get Motivated With Goals & A Routine

Making goals for yourself can be very motivating. They don’t need to be big elaborate tasks such as running a marathon, start with small goals and build up from there. The feeling of achievement will keep you going on your fitness journey.

Having a set routine was helpful in my early gym days where I would set certain days to train legs, other days to train upper body and an evening class of spin. I am even more structured now as I write down which specific exercises I will be doing and the amount of sets and reps. It gives you a mini goal for the end of each session and you don’t end up spending half your time thinking about what to do.


Track Progress

Track your progress so you can see and feel the rewards. This does not mean weighing yourself every morning! If you are running track your distances and times, for weightlifting track your reps and weights. There is more to tracking than weighing yourself – I never weight myself anymore.

Realise You Are Human

Everyone has moments of self-doubt and weakness. For me my weakness is definitely chocolate! I used to feel guilty every time I gave into my cravings and would ‘punish’ myself with extra cardio time. This is a really unhealthy mindset and now I know it is ok to fall off the bandwagon as long as you get back up again and keep going.

You are not a robot – we all have moments of emotional over-eating or physical injury/illness that stops us training for a while. Do not give up. Get back into your routine with those goals you’ve set at the front of your mind and continue your hard work!

Do what is best for you! Be inspired by others and get ideas from them by all means, however always be aware this is YOUR journey and you need to do what you enjoy and what feels right for you.


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