6 Things I have Learnt In 6 Months

June 28, 2017

We are officially past the halfway mark of 2017 which is both scary and exciting – how does time fly so much quicker the older you get?! I wrote a blog post at the beginning of the year about general goals for myself in 2017 in terms of fitness, wellbeing and travel.

At the beginning of the year we tend to be full of ambition with hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. For me this year has been a rollercoaster emotionally mainly, however I try to see everything as a learning curve and that things happen for a reason. Below are 6 things I have learnt in the past 6 months:

Be your own number one

If you don’t have your own back then who will? Events that happened at the beginning of this year could have shaped my present into something completely different, however I took control of what I wanted and am growing to be a happy, healthy person again. Take love and care of number one – yourself!

Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak

I am quite open with my struggles and I am very proud of myself for getting out there to find myself some help in order to make my life that much happier and calmer. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak – it is the complete opposite!

Being an adult can be hard

I moved out of the family home in April meaning a lot more responsibilities to take on within everyday life. Cooking, cleaning, working and finances amongst other things can be daunting and the way I am trying to help myself is to get more organised. Don’t panic if you feel these seemingly mundane tasks get too much for you from time to time, I feel like everyone will have been there at least once. Reach out for advice and you may find tools to make life a little easier.

Experiences over material things

We all love a new pair of shoes or a dress for an upcoming event, me included. However for me memories from days out, trips abroad and staycations hold a dearer place in my heart than any material object could. So as a result I have been clearing out my belongings slowly and either selling them on eBay or giving things to charity shops.

Keep connected

I am the first one to admit I have turned into a lazy texter and I don’t like it one bit. I am not entirely sure why but when I receive a text I take far too long to reply to friends and family. I am actively trying to get better at it again as communicating with those closest to you really makes a difference to how you feel.

Let go of negativity

As I said in my first point, something blew life out of the water this year and left me feeling pretty awful and angry. Now I am in a better place it has proven to be exhausting holding onto negativity so I am trying to get better at letting go of those stressful emotions and thoughts. Eventually you need to accept bad things do happen to good people unfortunately and you cannot control everything that happens to you. It is the way you deal with the aftermath that really shows how strong you are.

Have you learnt any life lessons since the beginning of the year? Let me know 🙂



5 responses to “6 Things I have Learnt In 6 Months”

  1. I always love reading these type of blog posts. Yours was so different from the rest I’ve read — very honest and engaging. I look forward to reading more from you 😊

  2. jandpliving says:

    Love this post! Taking on adult responsibilities has definitely been a challenge for us! We have been renting since 18 and going to school full time and working while balance responsibilities at our apartment have definitely been tough at times.

  3. Chichi says:

    2017 has been quite a hectic year for me as well, and it has been full of so many highs and lows. I agree with your point on looking after number one and taking control – I certainly think that’s important. Ever since I started taking care of myself and taking control of my destiny, I have felt a lot more content and secure within myself. 🙂


    • wellnessandwander says:

      This year has flown past but I am a different person now to what I was before. Taking care of number one is the most important thing 🙂

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