BodBox | Subscription Box Review

July 2, 2017

Subscription boxes seem to be growing evermore popular, and there are more and more being produced within the fitness/wellness/health industry. I came across Bodbox on Instagram and I thought I would order one of their protein snack boxes to see what they have on offer.

What is inside their boxes?  Predominantly the subscription box offers healthy snacks, drinks such as BCAAs, and various supplements.

Is this for me? If you like to try new brands and products without having to browse and search for them yourself this is the perfect solution as Bodbox does all the hard work.


Muscle Nuts, High Protein Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a love of mine so for some added protein to be added into this little pot got me excited to try it. It tasted sweet and nutty with a smooth texture. I am now intrigued to see what other products Muscle Nuts have to offer.

Per 33g – 185 Cals 4.9g Carbs 13.5g Fat 10.2g Protein


Grenade, Reload Protein Flapjack in Chocolate Orange

Being a huge fan of the Grenade Carb Killa bars I was pretty sure these would be a hit. When orange and chocolate are mentioned the first think I think about are Jaffa cakes and these definitely have that orangey taste to them. They have the classic chewy grenade bar texture which I enjoy as it fills me up.

Per bar – 215 Cals 16.2g Carbs 7.9g Fat 21.8g Protein


ProSupps, My Cookie Soft Baked in Snickerdoodle

They claim to be soft baked and they aren’t lying. They are thick and soft which is just how I love my cookies! The texture reminds me of Lenny & Larry’s cookies. The cinnamon flavour is so wet and delicious, once you finish these you want more.

Per cookie – 290 Cals 36g Carbs 8g Fat 18g Protein


Cocoa+, High Protein Chocolate

As you will see from some previous hauls that I am a big fan of Cocoa+ and their high protein chocolate. It is very indulgent and you are still hitting high protein macros, so I was very happy to see this fun sized bar included in the box.

Per 40g bar – 210 Cals 10g Carbs 14g Fat 10.8g Protein


PHD, Smart Bar in Caramel Crunch

Caramel and chocolate in a protein bar sounds heavenly to me, and it was. I am a bit of a sucker for caramel and kind of wish there was more in there but you definitely still get the sticky texture and sweet taste of it. The centre of the bar is a hard biscuit-type base with a layer of caramel and ‘crispies’ smothered in chocolate so you get a nice variety of textures when you bite into this bar.

Per bar – 238 Cals 23g Carbs 11g Fat 20g Protein


Barebells, Protein Bar in Coconut-Choco

I am rare and weird species as I do not like the taste of coconut at all! So I had my boyfriend taste test this bar. He said it was delicious and soft to bite into. The coconut flavour wasn’t too overwhelming and it satisfied his afternoon sweet treat cravings. This bar also has amazing macros with a lower fat content than many others.

Per bar – 199 Cals 15g Carbs 7.7g Fat g 20Protein


QNT, Protein Wafer in Belgian Chocolate

I tried a product described similarly to this at FitCon by Novo Protein and I have to say both were as delicious as the other in my opinion. Wafer + chocolate in any scenario is going to be a winner for me and the added protein is a bonus. These didn’t have the powdery texture you can sometimes get with protein bars so you feel as if you are really indulging.

Per bar – 180 Cals 12.7g Carbs 9.3g Fat 11.2g Protein


Battery Energy Drink in Pear Raspberry

Having previously tried the Muscle Moose BCAA canned drink I was intrigued to see what I thought of this one. I have seen the Battery energy drinks more and more on my Instagram feed due to great results and their sleek packaging. The flavour was delicious, very sweet but I don’t mind that. Very easy to drink before working out and it gave me a boost for an upper body workout. These drinks contain caffeine so beware if this isn’t compatible with you.



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