What Happened When I Tried Hot Yoga For A Month

July 14, 2017

My local hot yoga studio in Kent had an introductory offer which I couldn’t ignore – £30 for 30 days of yoga. I had previously tried yoga on the odd occasion and I really enjoyed it so I thought I would take advantage of this deal. Due to working full time and commitments here and there I couldn’t commit to a solid 30 days, however I did my best and I managed to squeeze in 3 classes a week.

“Hot yoga” is simply yoga practiced in hot and humid conditions. The temperature in the studio I took classes in ranged from 33ºC to 36ºC – so yes, you sweat bucket loads.

The style of yoga I took were Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. Hatha is considered a more gentle yoga flow focusing on breath, awareness and strength, whereas Vinyasa is more dynamic resulting in a cardiovascular workout. I found that balance, strength and flexibility are a useful foundation to have for yoga, but Hatha did suit the beginners in my class.

Yoga is not just a physical practise and is considered to be extremely spiritual and connects the mind to the body through varied breathing techniques and meditation.

So, What Happened When I Tried Hot Yoga For A Month?

Physically I felt a lot more flexible and my DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from weight lifting seemed to recover quicker seeing as you do a lot of stretching during yoga. You sweat buckets due to the heat and it seems to have made my skin a lot clearer which isn’t something I was expecting but of course I am happy.

Mentally I have seen some incredible changes. Having a couple of hours a week at yoga to switch off and focus on my body and mind has made a big difference to my mindset. My general stress and anxiety levels have seen a big improvement over the past four weeks which has just made me feel so much more positive about life. I have had no anxiety attacks, I am sleeping perfectly for eight hours and I am not so tense throughout the day.

Overall this experience has been amazing for me in terms of connecting my mind and body, and the way my mindset seems to have shifted is incredible. Would I recommend yoga?

100% yes!



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  1. This sounds amazing, I’ve never tried hot yoga and didn’t realise the effect that it could have on your mental health. I think i’ll definitely be giving it a go.

    Amy x

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