Proper Protein | Strawberry Delight Review

July 17, 2017

I am always on the lookout for new products to try as even though I am not new to exercise, I consider myself new to using protein and other supplements. I recently came across UK based Proper Powders on Instagram who create whey protein powders which are homemade and contain only natural ingredients. They are currently selling four different flavours – chocolate mint, strawberry delight, creamy vanilla and smooth banana.


So what’s the protein made up of?

For the Strawberry Delight flavour the ingredients list consists of organic strawberry powder made from real strawberries and also natural strawberry flavouring extract. A sweetener called Xylitol is used which is naturally occurring in plants which has a lower glycemic index so you don’t get a spike in your blood sugar leading to fatigue. Xylitol also has a lower calorific value than sugar. 22g of whey protein is in each serving which is very competitive with other protein powder brands out there.


First Impressions

The powder is finely milled with little flecks of bright red and smells super sweet and fruity. I tried it firstly as a protein shake and it dissolved very well with no lumps. The taste was super sweet, probably because you don’t have the added chemicals added so this perfect for people that don’t mind a very sweet taste. I also added half a scoop to a bowl of Greek yoghurt for a protein-filled bedtime snack. It took a couple of minutes of stirring to get the lumps smoothed out but it was delicious. Overall I would 100% recommend Proper Powders if you are looking for an all-natural protein with a delicious taste.

Click to view all of the other flavours Proper Powders has on offer.


*Disclaimer – This protein powder was gifted to me for my honest opinion of the product. 

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