5 Ways To Keep Active On Vacation Outside Of The Hotel Gym

August 4, 2017

Going abroad can be associated with overindulgence and ultimate relaxation which is just what the doctor orders sometimes. However what do you do if you don’t want to lose your fitness progress but not spend the whole vacation in the hotel gym?

Explore by foot

Get some comfy shoes on and explore the local area by walking. It may take extra time but you will get to see things you would have missed on public transport. You will also get in those extra steps helping towards the daily goal of 10,000 steps.

Check out local activities

In Dubrovnik there were plenty of activities to do including cliff jumping, cycle tours and hiking. I opted for sea kayaking which was something completely new and I enjoyed it so much. It took about three hours and it was a great upper body workout. However because I was so busy looking at the new surroundings and listening to the tour guide I totally forgot I was doing a great upper body workout.

See what is available in the area you are visiting. Trip Advisor is a great source to find local outdoor activities and you can also book through the website.

Go for a dip

I love going for a swim on holiday, especially taking advantage of the sea which I don’t tend to take a dip in in England as it’s ice cold! Swimming is a great full body workout as you target most major muscle groups, so make sure to pack your swimmers and dive in!

Bodyweight training

Not using gym equipment is challenging and can be a great way to switch up your workouts. There are endless possibilities in terms of bodyweight exercise including squats, lunges, push-ups and planks to name just a few! Pack some resistance bands to add extra resistance to your moves.

Run off your jetlag

Having trouble sleeping or getting up super early due to jetlag? Put your running shoes on and use those extra early hours to see the area you are staying in and burn off some energy to help your sleeping pattern go back to normal again.

Do you have any extra tips? Leave them below 🙂


3 responses to “5 Ways To Keep Active On Vacation Outside Of The Hotel Gym”

  1. I think walking it definitely the most important, it can become so easy to spend all day horizontal by the pool, but it really does make you feel better if you get up and explore the area on foot. Plus, you get to see things and meet people you never would!

    Amy x

  2. Emma Allen says:

    Love your ideas! We go on a lot of coastal camping holidays so I love getting up at 5am watching the sunrise and hitting the beach with the dogs and my trainers before the world wakes up! Such a great way to start your day when on holiday!

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