Fitness Influencers I Am Loving Right Now

August 11, 2017

Zanna van Dijk

Zanna is a fitness blogger, youtuber and social media influencer who appears to be taking the world by storm right now. Over a year ago she released her first book STRONG which I would highly recommend to anyone getting into fitness or those looking for some motivation. She has also just released a shoe collection with Adidas which would be anyone’s dream! More recently her content has included mindfulness which I love as she combines both mental and physical health as two equals.

Elle Darby

Elle is a youtuber and social media influencer who is just so damn relatable and fun to watch. Elle is a qualified personal trainer who expresses the importance of living a life of balance which is certainly something I live by too. I was lucky enough to meet Elle at Fitcon and she was so approachable and friendly it made me love her even more!

Beth Trueman

Beth is someone I have discovered a little more recently but her content on social media, her blog and Youtube is so helpful I would recommend to take a look at what she does. She is a qualified personal trainer with endless workout ideas on her Instagram account.

Cat Meffan

Cat is a yoga teaching health and fitness blogger and youtuber who can contort herself into some amazing poses! I predominantly follow Cat for her yoga content, and on her youtube channel she has some great yoga sessions to copy which I would highly recommend. She also touches on mental health which I feel is a very important aspect to share if you are an influencer so I respect her hugely for doing so.

Planking for Pizza

Jess of Planking for Pizza preaches body positivity, self empowerment and physical health, what more could you want? She shows the normality of cellulite and bad body image days, and overall is one of the most relatable accounts I follow. She also posts some great workout routines!

Sunshine and Waffles

Max is a London based personal trainer whose content on Instagram covers fitness, food and wellness. Her colourful feed includes workout ideas, gorgeous selfies and mouth-watering food pics.

Do you have any favourite fitness influencers I should be following? Leave your suggestions below 🙂


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  1. Ah I follow Jess on Instagram too! I just love her positive outlook! Great post, thanks for sharing! B x

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