How To Get Over Your Gym Fear

August 14, 2017

I think we have all felt the stomach churning fear of stepping foot into the gym for the first time or even starting at a new gym. It took me a while to build up the confidence to join the gym and looking back now I regret being so fearful – what did I think was going to happen to me exactly?! So I have written down my thoughts on getting over your gym fear and to help reassure any newbies out there that it isn’t as scary as your mind makes it out to be!

Research your gym

Now you have carefully selected your gym it is time to get familiar with it as well as you can before even stepping foot inside. If they are up to date they should have adequate information on their website including equipment, class timetables, instructors, opening times and maybe even a floor plan.

Ask gym staff

You have made it inside but feel dazed and confused with what the equipment does and how to book onto classes. Don’t suffer in your confused silence, find a member of staff and they should be happy to show you what the equipment does and answer any questions you may have.

Worry about yourself

Comparison is the thief of joy so try to avoid comparing yourself to others even if it is a challenge, especially if you are body conscious. Remember nobody is really that bothered by what you are doing as everyone is there to work on themselves. If you spot somebody looking at you don’t jump to the conclusion they are judging you, they may well be admiring what you are doing or getting ideas from your workout.

Find a gym buddy

Still feeling uneasy working out on your own? Try and convince a friend to join the gym with you and workout together. This can be a great motivator, however be mindful it is tempting to do more chatting then exercising.

Start small

Don’t go into a gym expecting to be able to run 5km on the treadmill straight away or be a genius at squatting. Start with small goals and build your way up, this way you will avoid injury. Also if you do one workout and expect to see results straight away you will be very disappointed. The body takes weeks to start changing but consistency and hard work are key so keep going!

Do what is best for you

Everyday we see different workout routines and ladies deadlifting double their bodyweight but that doesn’t mean you need to be doing that. It seems trendy right now to hate cardio and lift heavy, however it is totally fine if you fall in love with the cross trainer and despise weights. Do what is best for you and don’t feel the pressure to what is trendy or what everyone else seems to be doing.

Do you have any other tips for gym newbies? Leave them down below 🙂


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  1. Lisa B says:

    This is all fab advice. I totally agree with doing your research- I much prefer going to classes and hardly ever use the gym equipment, so the timetable is the most important thing to me! A couple of my friends go to lovely gyms where they can use the sauna and there are towels provided, so maybe that’s another incentive to go if you can splash out on it!
    Lisa x |

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