Tips For Running in Autumnal Weather

September 11, 2017

Since completing my half marathon at the beginning of 2017 I gave running a long rest due to the injury I sustained afterwards on my knee and I swore to never run again when I crossed the finish line! After easing myself back in I can’t get enough of how much of a stress reliever and energy burner it is for me so I am trying to run at least once a week.

To my delight we are fast approaching Autumn but with that comes the classic unpredictable British weather which can make outdoor exercise a little trickier. Below are my tips for running in different Autumnal conditions:



When I was training for the half marathon I did the majority of my training in the dark evenings after work. My dad would recoil at the thought of me going out to run on my own on a cold winter’s night however I never had any problems as I took proper precautions. Always tell someone the route you will be going and how long you intend to be.

PLEASE make sure to run in a well-lit and populated area for your own safety especially if you like to run solo like me. I would always run next to busy roads at night as there are people all around you and it ultimately makes you feel a lot safer than running on a deserted country road in pitch black darkness.

Wear bright clothing reflective clothing or even wear a head torch especially if you run on the roads. For me I always ran on pavements with street lighting so I was pretty visible anyway, but my jacket had reflective panels on just in case.



I actually enjoy running in light rain as it cools you off as you run, however there are issues that come with rain that can make it unsafe to runners.

In terms of clothing I like to wear a cap to keep the rain out of my eyes and to keep my head drier than it would be without. I also invested in a lightweight waterproof running jacket which has a hood and reflective panels on it. Invest in some dri-fit active wear which soaks up moisture, that way your clothing won’t become heavy and sodden. Depending on the amount of rain, a spritz of water repellent spray may be worth using on your shoes, and of course you will want to wear footwear with at least some grip on them to avoid slipping over.

Be very aware that the ground can be a little unpredictable when wet with slippery brickwork and manhole covers.



Be sensible when it comes to running in the cold. I remember getting back from work and it being icy on the pavements and debating whether to run; luckily my parents talked me out of it as I could have ended up with a broken bone.

I have ran many a frosty morning and the cold can be deceiving sometimes as you heat up very quickly when running. I found layering up with light weight clothing really worked for me as you could take a running jacket off and tie it round your waist easily as it’s so thin. I would always wear gloves as my fingers tend to get very cold, and I would sometimes wear a beanie hat is it was a particularly bitter day.

For me, controlling my breathing whilst running in the cold becomes more of a task and can be painful at times. Just stick with it whilst your body gets used to it and it does become easier, it is just the cold air.

Do you have any more must-know tips? Leave them down below!

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  1. Jess Athorn says:

    I’m trying to get more into running so these tips are really helpful! Thanks so much for sharing

    Jess |

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