6 Tips For Pole Dance Photo Shoots

September 15, 2017

Last year I took part in my first pole photo shoot which I have to say was completely out of my comfort zone as being in front of the camera is not my forte as an ex-photographer! It was a boiling hot day which unnerved me as grip is the most important aspect for pole and sweaty palms are a major hindrance. Add my nervous butterflies on top and you can imagine how I was feeling stood in my shorts and sports bra waiting for my time slot.

But there really was nothing to worry about in the slightest. The shoot was booked though my pole school with The Image Cella who specialise in pole and dance photography who really put me at ease. They are experts in lighting and positioning so they will tell you what to do. I love my final images and the shoot was a great experience, however there are some things I wish I had known or done differently beforehand to prepare me better, so below are my tips:

Choose your strongest moves

You will spends hours looking at ideas on Instagram of amazing contorted poses, however be realistic and choose moves you can already do strongly and hold for more than a few seconds to allow the photographer to capture them. I slipped and fell off during my shoot as I decided to try and do a move that was really hit and miss for me, and of course it didn’t work on the shoot due to the added pressure! So choose however many you like that you know will look great and you feel strong in.

Warm-up properly

I was running a little late so didn’t get the chance to do a proper warm-up which was pretty silly of me, as with any sort of activity you should always warm up! Jog on the spot, star jumps, stretching are all things to get you pumped up and ready.

Water & snacks

You will get very hot due to the photographer’s lighting pointing at you and also from holding poses for a little while so make sure to take plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also snacks were so important to keep the energy up. I took some baked chickpeas with me as it was small to not bloat me but also kept me going.

Outfits & props

Think about what you want your final photographs to look like – do you want the same outfit in all of them? Do you want a theme? Are you going to use props? I opted for simply being in the same black two piece as I wanted to simplistic look and I am very happy I chose that, however other people went for outfit changes and props – you have the creative freedom to create whatever you like so go for it! I got my black two piece from Rad Polewear.


Yes, the way you choose to style your hair will have an affect on the final photographs. For example, I wore mine half up half down and if I were to do another shoot I would wear it in a bun. Why? My hair looked like a mess towards the end! Going from spinning to upside down to spinning again didn’t do much for my curled hair and we didn’t have a stylist to I had to make do.

Chalk up

As I said above, alongside strength the most important aspect of pole is your ability to grip to the pole and not fall off (like me). Bring grip aids with you – my favourite to use is any liquid chalk. You will get hot and the pole will start to get slippy so put chalk on the top of your list.

Do you have any more tips? Please leave them below 🙂


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