Tisserand De-Stress Roller Ball Review

September 18, 2017

I recently became interested in trying out aromatherapy to ease my anxiety when times get a little tough, and I found a number of Tisserand products at my local Boots store. For the last twelve weeks I have been using the De-Stress Aromatherapy Roller Ball and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

The base of the product is pure Jojoba oil, with pure essential oils of geranium, orange and nutmeg added to it. Geranium is used for comforting, orange for refreshing and nutmeg for warming so this seems the perfect combination. When I first used it I was not sure about the smell, it is completely different to anything else I had experienced before. However it only took a couple of days to grow on me and now I love to put it on in the morning and top it up as and when I need to during the day. Even sniffing the scent without applying it to the skin gives the calming and soothing effect desired.

In terms of the product itself it is a really handy pocket size which fits into small handbags as it contains only 10ml of liquid. I have had no problems with the small rollerball getting jammed and it dispenses a perfect amount of liquid so that you do not have oil running everywhere. I have also had no leaks whilst using this and I take it everywhere with me. I expect this product to last me for a fair while too, seeing as after twelve weeks I have only used a few millimeters, so it is definitely worth the fiver I spent on it.

Does it actually de-stress? I cannot say for certain if I am honest, however I can genuinely say that the scent of this comforts me straight away which keeps me calm. For me I use it when I feel I could potentially become stressed, so I cannot comment on if it helps you once in a stress spiral! Overall I would recommend to give these a try if you’re looking for more coping mechanisms or anxiety relievers, however I do think these work so different for every individual.

Have you tried any of the Tisserand range? Let me know what I need to try!


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