Plans & Dreams For The Rest Of 2017

September 22, 2017

It is pretty unbelievable that we are three quarters of the way through 2017; this year has passed by in a flash and life is so different to what it was in January. It is never too late to dream and have goals and I aspire to always push myself and have ambition to keep achieving. Having goals drives me to work even harder and reap the benefits ultimately! So what do I want to achieve by the end of this year?


5,000 pageviews

This is a blogging goal which I am eager to achieve. I started this website in March and I feel it has come on leaps and bounds since then and 5,000 seems like a nice round number to aim for! Blogging has added so much to my life that I never knew was missing, and I am utterly grateful that I took the plunge and started it when I did.


Get in front of the camera more

Something that seems to come hand-in-hand with having a blog is getting yourself in front of the camera, which as an ex-photographer makes me recoil in horror. However I have already shot with the brilliant Alexandra Cameron (photo above) and I have already booked another shoot in October to try and increase my confidence in front of the camera, but also in myself overall.


Make time to meditate

Since starting yoga the idea and practice of meditation entered my life and every time I have done it I have been left me feeling more present and stress free so I really want to do it more frequently. I have been using the app Headspace to guide me which has been working really well as well as Savasana at the end of my yoga classes. I need to make more time to do it from now on as I can get so wrapped up in everything else going on in life; it is nice to be still in body and mind for a moment.


F you anxiety

I would love to wave a magic wand and be rid of this terror that has followed me around for the last decade however I know it isn’t that easy. I have been working hard on myself this year to get it under control and I hope to continue onwards and upwards to get more control over my life as I am right now. Things can only get better the harder you work, right?


Fitness goal

At the beginning of 2017 I had my biggest fitness goal so far ahead of me – the half marathon. I want to find something new to train for and have an actual goal to work towards. I find having an end goal with a time limit really drives me to do the best I can and I achieve the best results. I am still on the lookout for that goal so keep your eyes peeled. I am also being coached for the next three months so I am excited to see where that can take me in terms of aesthetics and strength. Watch this space!


Do you have any goals for the remainder of 2017? Let me know below in the comments!

Photography – Alexandra Cameron

2 responses to “Plans & Dreams For The Rest Of 2017”

  1. whatismaria says:

    I can definitely agree that this year has gone by incredibly fast and it’s always great to take a moment to readjust your goals and set new ones! I too am looking to reduce my anxiety because while I made progress it can go out of control at times – meditation/mindfulness is definitely a great way to reduce it. Hope you’re having an amazing weekend so far! <3

    • wellnessandwander says:

      I’m sorry to hear you suffer from anxiety too. It is a very hard nut to crack and takes slow progress but we will get there! x

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