Lorna Jane #ActiveNationDay

September 25, 2017

In 2012 active wear company Lorna Jane created Active Nation Day to inspire women to live a more active lifestyle. In the Summer I started seeing the tickets being advertised for the event (which is free!) and decided to grab myself one before they swiftly ran out. This year the event was run at the renowned Ministry of Sound and you could choose two workouts and a workshop if you wished.

I walked from London Bridge which only took about fifteen minutes and it was a beautiful sunny morning. The queue was already starting to get long when I arrived at about 11.15 so I was glad I got there a little earlier as my first class was at 11.30. We didn’t have to wait too long to get in thanks to the staff and in the courtyard there were numerous food stands and stall selling various food items all of which looked and smelled delicious.

There were four main areas where workouts and workshops were carried out, and then there was the dance floor converted into a protein shake bar, Lorna Jane were selling some of their clothing, there was hair braiding going on and other various food and drink was being sold.

I loved the vibe of the event; it was very dark with disco balls, lighting effects and music which is very fitting seeing as it was taking part in one of the best known nightclubs around.

I chose to take a Define class with Ashley Yeater which was a full body workout with a little more focus on the lower body. It was definitely harder than I expected and I got a good sweat on. The 45 minutes was non-stop and we were on the floor, standing and sitting so we did a wide range of different exercises. Ashley was super motivating and funny making the class really enjoyable even when your body is burning! I also loved how there was a DJ playing the music for the class – I don’t know about you but loud high tempo music always makes me work extra hard in the gym, it gives me energy to push harder.

When I found out the author of The Anxiety Solution Chloe Brotheridge was going to be giving a workshop at the event I signed up right away. Rhiannon Lambert was hosting the chat and they were also joined by Emily Warburton-Adams to talk about all things anxiety and mindfulness. I managed to get a second row seat in a packed out room and I am so glad I went as who better to listen to than an anxiety expert? I definitely came away feeling not so alone in my feelings.

Chloe also guided us through a meditation to start the session off which was relaxing especially after the Define class. She spoke about the benefits of meditation including how it can increase the gray matter in your brain which is pretty impressive. I am definitely going to make more time to meditation every week.

As with all fitness events I have been to I always seem to come away with some sort of sweet treat. I tried the Loving Earth chocolate samples on offer and fell in love. I came away with a bar of their 72% cacao dark chocolate and two caramel bars. Their chocolate is dairy free, soy free, vegan and all natural so definitely worth a try if you get the chance.

Overall I loved my experience at the event, and I am so impressed that the tickets were free and you could get some much from it such as trying new fitness classes, listening to amazing speakers and trying new products. Massive thank you to Lorna Jane for a wonderful day, I will be back next year!



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