Excuses For Skipping The Gym & What We Really Mean

October 18, 2017

We have all been there; deciding whether to show up to that spin class you booked last week or to leave work with your sights set on sitting in your pajamas enjoying some trash TV for the evening.

At that precise moment without fail my brain seems to pick reasons why I shouldn’t go out of the air far too easily, some of each are completely ridiculous. I then try to justify my real feelings with a more tangible excuse, some of which I thought I would share down below as I think most of you can relate:


“Getting out of bed when it’s dark is too hard”

What we really mean…

“I told myself I would go to bed at a reasonable time so I could get up and kick some arse in the morning, but instead I stayed up until midnight scrolling social media and now I can barely open my eyes”

Firstly, I totally agree the darker mornings in Winter make it so much harder to leave the comfort of a cosy warm bed; this is why I personally workout in the evenings after work. However, if your schedule means you can only work out in the mornings then make sure you create a proper evening routine to help you have a better nights sleep and wake up easier.


“I am not seeing results so what’s the point”

What we really mean…

“It has been two weeks why am I not a dress size smaller!? The thought of running another 5km on the treadmill makes me want to cry”

Reality check – our bodies do not change that quickly. In fact it can take up to six weeks for physical changes to become apparent so consistency and patience are the key to change. I think it is a huge misconception that one session at the gym will change your body but in fact it does take longer than that.


“I have had a really bad day”

What we really mean…

“I boredom ate 10 biscuits at work, I had a fall-out with my boyfriend over what to have for dinner and all I want right now is a pizza all to myself and a big glass of wine”

Want to know what a great stress reliever is? Exercise. You release endorphins which make you feel good. A glass of wine can be tempting but let’s face it, taking out your stress in the gym is a much more productive use of your time and you don’t have the inevitable headache the next morning.


“I will start again on Monday”

What we really mean…

“By Wednesday I got bored of eating homemade salad for lunch so opted for a McDonald’s followed by eating leftover birthday cake so I have ruined all of the progress I have made anyway so I might as well start again next week”

I am so guilty of thinking like this from time to time but it just doesn’t work like that. A bad couple of days will not make you pile on the pounds overnight. The best way to move on from a day like this is to wake up the next day and shake off any feelings of guilt and carry on as you were before. We are not robots and slip-up from time to time; that’s life and you aren’t alone.


“I am far too busy to workout today”

What we really mean…

“I only have three more episodes of that Netflix show to watch tonight and then I can move onto the next series”

Maybe it is time to re-evaluate how you use your time in the day. I am all for watching Netflix every night (I am currently obsessed with American Horror Story!) but when it comes to your personal health and wellness some activities should maybe be prioritised over other things. For example I will go to the gym straight from work so I know that my evening will be spent washing my hair, cooking dinner and then chilling on the sofa watching some TV. If I did this the other way round there is no way I would make it to the gym, so I prioritise my workout first with relaxation after.


“I feel awkward”

What we really mean…

“I won’t look as good as everyone else there. I don’t know what I am doing. The thought of wearing tight lycra in public makes me want to never step foot inside the gym”

I think this a really common thought process that most new gym members go through. Gym fear is a very real thing and can stop some people from going altogether which is such a shame. Firstly, everyone is so busy with their own routine and working hard that no-one will be noticing what you are doing. Secondly there will be people at every gym around the world that are completely different weights, heights and builds so the misconception of everyone looking like fitness models couldn’t be further from the truth. We all have to start somewhere!


Can you relate to any of these? Let me know below 🙂

One response to “Excuses For Skipping The Gym & What We Really Mean”

  1. Steph Dring says:

    I definitely have gym fear and I definitely need to get over it. We totally need to be honest with myself and stop using these lies as excuses!

    Steph x

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