What Fitness Has Taught Me About Myself

November 3, 2017

Fitness and health is completely subjective from person to person. There is no right or wrong way to ‘be fit’ despite what you read online and in magazines. Fitness plays a different role in everybody’s lives; for me living a healthier lifestyle has made me feel better physically and mentally in so many different ways. It gives me structure, it relieves my anxiety and it has made me respect my body after years of treating it pretty badly.

I would say I properly started my fitness journey when I was fresh out of uni at age twenty three and it has been one of the constants throughout the last three years. It may sound ridiculous to some, but working out in the gym has gotten me through the really shit times so I am always thankful I have it there in my life to fall back on.

Me and my life is very different to what it was three years ago; and this is what fitness has taught me about myself…

I am stronger than I think

Not just in a physical sense but mentally too.

When you are feeling low and all you want to do is disappear under the covers and hide from everything and everyone, the last thing you want to do is head to the gym. But I do it the majority of the time. I know it will make me feel better even if only for an hour. For some people a run can get their frustrations out but for me lifting heavy does that for me.


It is ok to not be perfect all the time

I was born a perfectionist and it can be a blessing and a curse, and I can be pretty hard on myself when things don’t go how I envisioned them to. However during my fitness journey I have learnt that you will have those bad days for many different reasons, some of which are out of your control but the way you react to those days is the important part. Don’t let it get you down and go back the next day to try again.


Hard work eventually pays off

Patience is one of the biggest factors when you are setting out on changing your body. Being consistent with your workouts and food as well as being patient is far more easily said than done; I know. The combination of these two things plus hard work will eventually reward you with results. Don’t get disheartened if after two weeks you don’t see any difference; be patient with your body and treat it well. This also goes for other things in life however; like with my blogging you have those days where your engagement or views aren’t what you hoped but you have just got to keep working hard.


Putting yourself first is important

Before this year I was such a people pleaser and would put my own happiness aside to make sure others were ok. It was to an extent that I found myself incredibly unhappy and decided 2017 was the year for me to grow a back bone and be treated how I should be. There was always one thing through the past couple of years that was just for me though; and that was going to the gym and working out. In that hour I could push all the other shit going on to the side and work hard for myself by myself.


Noticing when I need a breakΒ 

Taking a break can be hard for me; especially now that I work full time, blog on the side and try to keep up with my fitness. But sometimes you just have to stop and take a day to sit back and enjoy life without the everyday stresses. Looking after myself and my body is now a priority.



Has fitness taught you anything about yourself? Let me know down in the comments πŸ™‚

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  1. Well thought out post! I agree with your observations, fitness as definitely shown me that I am stronger than I believe myself to be and it’s a great way to clear your head and feel better overall.

    Jenn – jennsblog.com

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