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November 8, 2017

If you are like me you will end up carrying two bags around with you during the week when you workout before or after work. I always had a small handbag with everyday items in and also my gym bag which had my kit in. So when Fact+Fiction kindly sent me one of their stylish bags I was intrigued to see whether it would really fit all of my things into one bag as I am not a light packer.

Fact+Fiction make an amazing variety of bags to suit gym goers, laptop users and mothers who don’t want the hassle of rummaging. Their bags have clever compartments within them to seperate your belongings – in my case my everyday items and my gym kit.

I am now a proud owner of a Reese Tote which has been perfect for combining my gym kit and everyday items such as my purse, makeup and keys. There are essentially two layers to this bag – the top for everyday use and the bottom for gym kit. There is a clever side compartment for shoes which keeps them completely seperate from the rest of your clothes or you could even put a wet umbrella in there.

Nowadays I am all about convenience so carrying just one bag around with me instead of two which I have done for years has honestly been so great, and every time I mention to someone that I have my gym kit in my handbag they are so impressed it could all fit in there.

They have a number of different styles available including tote bags, backpacks, bags to fit laptops and small pouches. The Charli Quilted Backpack is definitely next on my list for those Autumn country walks.

My favourite things about the Reese tote Bag have to be:

If you couldn’t already tell, I would 100% recommend taking a look over on Fact+Fiction if you are fed up of carrying multiple bags and want something convenient yet still stylish.

Fact+Fiction kindly gifted me their Reece tote to review however all thoughts are my own. This blog post contains affiliate links.

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  1. For Christmas my husband gave me a gym bag to solve the same multiple-bags-to-work dilemma, but left the choice up to me. I’m a lawyer in the City so I really wanted something chic as well as practical. I was torn between the F+F “Sophia” and “Reese,” but this post made me go for the Reese. Thank you for your thoughts! x

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