8 Reasons To Exercise Not Related To Weight Or Shape

November 17, 2017

Getting your body moving is more than burning fat and lowing weight. There are many other benefits that result from working out, however because we appear to be so image and weight obsessed nowadays these other reasons are rarely considered or spoken about. So here I bring you 8 reasons to exercise which have nothing to do with the scale or tape measure:



Rest is an incredibly important part of working out as well as hitting the gym. Rest lets the body recover and it recharges the brain for the next day. From a personal point of view I always sleep so much better when I have exercised that day. I tend to get to sleep quicker and wake up less frequently in the night.


Mood/Mental health

Feeling stressed or anxious? One of the quickest ways to help reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in the body is the get moving. If I can’t get my mind off of something making me feel crap going on a run or lifting some weights can help get that frustration out. Exercise also release endorphins, which is a natural stress-fighting hormone, resulting in a happier and more content mood.


Heart health

Not doing cardio is somewhat of a trend on social media right now, but it is important to do some cardiovascular workouts to help strengthen your heart. The heart is a muscular organ so the more you exercise it the stronger it will be.


Boosts creativity

Exercising can increase both divergent and convergent thinking which are associated with creativity. So next time you get writer’s block or need some new ideas for your next creative project why not go for a walk and see what happens.


Self respect & confidence

When I first started weight training I was surprised at how much I could lift already without any prior experience. Our bodies are amazing and should be respected for what they can do opposed to how they look. Our bodies can do incredible things if we are patient and train them. Feeling accomplished goes hand in hand with helping your self confidence.



Both women and men get a boost in fertility from being more active, according to Harvard researchers. The Fertility Society of Australia found that women who exercise frequently showed lower rates of miscarriage and lower rates on infertility.


Gives you energy

Some may think that working out lowers your energy levels, however when you exercise you are fueling your body with more oxygen which results in feeling less weary and tired.


Increased immunity

Exercising can build your immunity resulting in getting sick less often. Raising your heart rate can flush out bacteria from the lungs and airways, and white blood cells circulate more rapidly so they detect and fight off illnesses quicker.


4 responses to “8 Reasons To Exercise Not Related To Weight Or Shape”

  1. Lauren says:

    I definitely needed this post! I want to start working out and I need motivation!

    Lauren // http://laurensjourney.com

  2. Great post! Very important points 🙂 xxx

    • wellnessandwander says:

      Thank you! Yes all important and somehow never really thought about as fat loss is shown as the main benefit with exercise x

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