Tricks To Add More Greens Into Your Diet From A Fussy Eater

November 24, 2017

I absolutely hate to admit it as it seems so contradictory for a health fitness blogger to be saying this; but I don’t like a lot of fruit and veggies.

I don’t know why or how because I used to eat them all the time as a young child with no problem. I have quizzed my parents to see if there was some sort of incident that put me off them but they can’t seem to think of anything. Just one day I didn’t want to eat them.

For me it is more the texture than the taste. It is a tricky one to explain but if you are a fussy eater like me you will be able to relate.


Bake, grill, mash, salt & spice

Find ways to spice up your veggies – literally. For a fussy eater the word ‘experiment’ is probably something you have heard a million times before; but it is just something you have to do. Find out what you genuinely do and don’t like, and also have a ‘maybe’ list where you think you may like a certain veggie if it were cooked in a different way or garnished with something. Some veggies when sprinkled with salt and baked taste completely different to when they are raw. Examples of veggies I discovered I like include:


Add supplements

Supplements have been a big point of discussion recently as many think you should cut out the middle man and get your vitamins from the natural source. However it just isn’t that easy for some, and for me personally I find taking supplements really help the way I feel.

Holland & Barrett is my go to place for anything supplement or vitamin related – I find they have the best choice locally to me. Bioglan Superfoods Supergreens is a powder containing 81 vital nutrients from fruit, veg, live cultures and herbs. You add the powder into water or smoothies/juices as it comes in tropical or berry flavours. If you want to add even more goodness into your diet you can buy the Bioglan Supergreens Plus which packs in 101 vital nutrients.

Aduna Moringa Green Superfleaf powder contains the dried leaf of the Moringa tree resulting in a spinach-like taste. Unlike the Bioglan powders, this product has it’s natural earthy flavour so I feel it is much more versatile as you could sprinkle it into your dinner, onto soup or in salads.


Become a great chopper

If like me the texture of veggies is an issue more than the taste it pays to learn to chop well! Chopping veggies into little chunks means you can throw them into pasta dishes, bolognese sauces or in stews. You can even buy food choppers which can do the work for you.


Smoothies & juices

Love smoothies and juices? It is really easy to hide greens in them! Kale and spinach in particular are great veggies to put into smoothies as they don’t really have a distinctive taste so the other flavours manage to mask that they are even in there. You don’t need a fancy machine to make them either, I have a Breville one from Amazon which does the job really well. There are thousands of smoothie recipes you can try, maybe start with these ones on the BBC website.


I hope you have found these tips helpful! If you know of any other clever tricks and tips please share them below in the comments.

Stocks photos from Pexels

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