A Reflection Of My 2017 Highs & Lows

December 29, 2017

How are we at the end of 2017 already?!

This year has flown past and time has seemed to speed up and up as we’ve approached December. I haven’t even had this blog for a year yet however it has changed my everyday life for the better and I am so thankful for opportunities that have come my way.

Unfortunately though life is not rosy all the time and I have had my fair share of lows and highs throughout 2017 which have shaped me into where I am right now. I do think it is important to be real and acknowledge the lows as well as the highs as it has been part of your journey to the present.



On one hand I totally believe in sharing other parts of life apart from the perfected Instagram photo reel, however I don’t like to bring negativity to my blog. So yes, this year has had it’s low parts, it’s challenges and disappointments, however this is a part of life and every event that’s happened has made me the woman I am right at this second, and for that I am content. Now onto the good stuff…



#BloggersBlogAwards shortlisting

I still can’t believe this happened after just six months of blogging but I was shortlisted in the Bloggers Blog Awards for Best Fitness Blog. I attended the award ceremony which took part in Leeds where I got the opportunity to meet some other amazing bloggers and I took so much away with me to really push forward with my content.

UK Blog Awards nomination

In November I was notified that I had been shortlisted in the UK Blog Awards! I still don’t know if I have made it to the final round but this is still incredibly exciting for me. Two award nominations in less than a year – how crazy is that?! Fingers crossed…

Active Retreat with Carly Rowena

I decided to treat myself to a weekend retreat in the beautiful English countryside with the wonderful Carly Rowena who I have admired for a couple of years now. I had been searching for retreats to go on and when this one from Replenish You popped up on my timeline I knew it was the one for me. It was basically one big girly hang-out and a chance to have a change of scenery and it was just what I needed.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

An annoying cliche, but since starting Game of Thrones I have wanted to visit the historic city of Dubrovnik and in June I got to do just that. It was a perfect holiday which was both relaxing and adventurous. I would 100% recommend visiting Dubrovnik in all it’s beauty.

5,000 pageviews

One of my goals for my blog was to reach 5,000 pageviews. I am ending 2017 on a massive high having reached 5,846 pageviews! I can’t thank every one of my readers enough for helping me get to this point.

Thank you so much for supporting me this year! Whether that be by reading my posts, chatting to me on social media or sharing my work. It means so much to me and I could never have imagined the way blogging could bring happiness to my life. See you on the other side!

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  1. An amazing year! All the best for 2018!

    Steph x

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