The Best Fitness Apps For Working Out At Home

January 17, 2018

Are you looking to start your fitness journey but you can’t make it to a gym?

Some of us just don’t have the time whilst juggling work, kids or side hustles.

The good news is that there are many different ways you can work out in the comfort of your own home without any fancy equipment. I have scoured the app store and picked the best apps to use for home workouts:



I use this app for home workouts when I have no equipment or even in the gym for ab exercises. The app has been made for those who want a more accessible solution to getting fit without the gym fees or expensive equipment.

I love how you can personalise your workouts on this app. You can choose how long you want the workout to be (5-60 minutes) and there are four categories of exercise to choose from which are Strength, Cardio, Yoga or Stretching. Within these four categories you can then choose certain parts of the body to work out or the intensity of the exercise. The workouts are easy to follow as there is a video playing alongside with a countdown timer so you know when to move onto the next movement.

My rating – 9/10. I don’t have many negative things to say about this app! It always gives me routines if I am feeling less inspired and he combinations of exercises always leave me working up a sweat.



This is a free app containing many different programs you can use for free such as Morning Yoga, Stress Relief and Warm-up Essentials. They have two 2 week programs for free, however to access a lot of the other programs it does mean upgrading to Pro. Upgrading to Pro for a year costs £1.46 a month, or you can pay monthly for £9.99.

I love how the videos have been shot and the instructions are clear and concise. It is no surprise that they won ‘Best of 2017’ by the App Store.

My rating – 8/10. This would have gotten a higher rating if more material was accessible for free. However the upgrade prices aren’t too bad.



This is a really simple app which I have used many times in and out of the gym. It’s a free app which gives you the choice of doing a full body workout or you can select particular parts of the body such as legs, arms, abs etc. You can then personalise how long you want the workout to be and away you go! If you are looking for a cardio workout they also have an option for that.

The move is called out and a video is streamed to show you what to do. There is also a countdown so you know when to expect to move onto the next move which is very useful.

My rating – 9/10. Sometimes simple is best, and this is great for those who want a wide range of exercises available without the add-ons. Perfect for an at-home exercise session.



Do you remember a couple of years ago there was a fitness craze of short and intense 7 minute workouts? This is an app inspired by that which is perfect for those who are really pushed for time.

As it states; each routine last for 7 minutes. However don’t underestimate how much you can work up a sweat in this time. For free you get 4 different circuits, and for £0.99 you can upgrade to make as many of your own circuits as you like which I think is pretty reasonable.

Whilst working out there is no video guide, just a timer on the screen so it is advised to look up the moves before you start the circuit

My rating – 7/10. It is simple and gets straight to the point, however I think more free exercises should be added.



Essentially this first looks like a yoga app, however when I looked into the workouts it is clear these are yoga inspired interval training routines. I love these sort of alternative and inventive ways to work out so I was very happy to have come across this app.

The different workouts give you the time it takes to complete along with an estimate of calories burnt – obviously this is highly subjective from person to person. You are guided through clear videos which are simple to follow.

From what I saw there are only 5 workouts available for free, and to get access to all of the other content you need to upgrade to Pro. For a year this would cost £4.92 or to try it for three months it would cost £12.66.

My rating – 6/10. I love the concept however you need to pay for most of the content.


Are there any other apps you can recommend which are suited for home workouts? Leave them below in the comments!

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  1. I quite like 7 Minute Workout app, it really gets me sweating. But I definitely wanna try other fitness apps as well, especially Daily Workouts as it’s free.

  2. Kimberley says:

    Great post! I’ve just downloaded a few of them so hopefully it will motivate me!


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