A Super Simple Protein Pancake Recipe Using 4 Ingredients

Tomorrow marks one of the best days of the year in my opinion – pancake day!

Any day dedicated to food is a winner in my eyes.

From as long as I can remember we would always have pancakes or waffles on pancake day and I have always loved peanut butter smothered all over them.

Since getting into fitness and health one protein snack I have enjoyed eating is protein pancakes.

It means no downing of powdery protein shakes and they are super delicious.

I have tried many different recipes for protein pancakes, however some needed a huge list of ingredients, and for me I love to use as little as possible but still get delicious results.

I use 4 ingredients for this recipe and these quantities will make two thin pancakes or one thick:



  • 25g whey protein powder – I used chocolate flavour for this recipe
  • 100ml your choice of milk – I use almond normally
  • 1 large egg
  • light cooking spray



  • Mix the egg, protein powder and milk in a jug
  • Heat the frying pan to a medium heat and thoroughly spray with cooking spray
  • Pour either half of the mixture or the whole thing into the frying pan
  • Flip when the bottom side is starting to brown and is cooked
  • When the second side is cooked transfer to a plate
  • Cover in whatever toppings you like!


How will you cover your pancakes??

For this one I decided to use the Grenade Carb Killa Protein Spread in milk chocolate flavour with some peanut butter & jam flavoured protein balls cut in half – DELICIOUS!


Let me know if you try these out and send me photos too! I would love to see how you decorate them. What do you have on top of your pancakes?

H x


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