Loving Yourself Can Be Really F*cking Hard: Tips On How To Exercise Self-Love

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines day!

Some love it, some hate it.

Yes, Valentines is about appreciating your nearest and dearest, but don’t forget about yourself too.

Our inner voice is a powerful thing, and when we speak badly about ourselves to ourselves it creates negativity which can spiral into bad body-image and self-doubt. Once these horrible thoughts about ourselves start to concrete into the brain it can be really difficult to remove them.

It becomes harder and harder to love yourself when all you do is pull yourself to pieces.

Quit believing that everything can be made perfect in life. It is inevitable that some things you will not be able to control, and trying to control everything and failing makes you feel purposeless.

Throw out your negative filter and start focusing on the good. Be grateful for your life. Be kind to yourself.


Loving yourself can be really fucking hard but here is why you should:

You deserve to be loved and you deserve to be happy

You will have better relationships with others if you love and respect yourself first

Your mental health will benefit from being kinder to yourself


Tips on how to exercise self-love:

List your positive attributes and reflect on them daily

Give yourself permission to like yourself in the first place

Celebrate your victories, however small

Practise self-care

Use positive affirmations daily to motivate you

Do things that make you happy and feel proud

Keep your body and your mind healthy



Please don’t forget about YOU this Valentine’s Day. You are the most important person and should treat yourself as such. Lots of love,

H x

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