The Pressure Of Staying Current On Social Media & What To Do If You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

February 28, 2018

*This is in no way a dig at Vero because who knows, in a months time the glitches may be smoothed out and I could be loving it! This i more of a comment on how much time we already dedicated to social media/the online world and how we can feel pressures to jump on bandwagons.

We are in an age where we share so much of our lives on the internet on different platforms.

How many social media accounts do you own?

For my blog I predominantly use Twitter and Instagram which are updated daily, alongside Pinterest and Youtube when I remember. For me I have gotten into a pretty good routine of uploading and managing these without it feeling like a chore.

But the last few days have got me thinking about how many social media platforms we actually need thanks to the introduction of Vero.

What the hell is Vero…is exactly what I said.

According to the Vero website, it is a social network all about sharing anything you like, whether that be photos, links, books or places.

Is there a place for it though?



As soon as I saw everyone else signing up I had the dreaded feeling of FOMO creep up on me. So I hastily downloaded the app and registered.

Then I thought to myself – do I really need this?!

I feel like there is so much pressure to stay up to date and current with what is going on on social media anyway, that adding another completely new platform into the mix is probably too much for some people. However there is a second wave of pressure not to miss out!

What if I am missing out on something that’s about to be huge?!

What if it really takes off and I am the only person not on there?!




Remember…YOU DO YOU. If you are feeling overwhelmed:

You are your own person and you don’t need to follow the crowd. If you think or know an extra social media platform is going to add stress to your life then it isn’t worth it.

Maybe you need a social media break. I recently went to New York for a week and had an unplanned week off from posting on social media and I even left my phone in the hotel most days. It sounds like a cliche but it really does make such a difference.

Have you downloaded Vero? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

H x

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