Is This Your Year For Getting Stuff Done? 15 Productivity Tips To Use Everyday

March 9, 2018

Are you sick of feeling like you aren’t working to your full potential? Your passion may be there but maybe your productivity levels aren’t? That is where I come in to help you! Below are some productivity tips you can use every single day to get your best work done:



Alarm Time

Are you always in a rush in the morning? Do you find yourself half-walking half-running to work as you’ve left 10 minutes late again? It’s probably time to reassess your alarm time. It will feel like you are taking away sleep time, but in actual fact you are letting your body wake up gradually and you give yourself more time in the morning without the stress of rushing around.

Plan Ahead

Before jumping into bed create a ritual which involves planning your next morning. Whether that is preparing breakfast, ironing clothes or packing your bag for the day, it will save you time in the morning meaning you can have an extra five minutes under the duvet or take some extra time eating your breakfast. I use The Happiness Planner to plan each day. You also have sections to reflect on the day in the evening which I love and set goals for tomorrow. Read my review here.

Schedule Your Day

I think it is really useful to create a plan of your day. If you work full time, think about how you want to spend your time before and after work, whether that be going to the gym, meeting friends for dinner or working on a side hustle. Putting everything that needs to be done down on paper can help your head feel so full.



The environment in which you choose to work can have an impact on how productive you are. Below are some tips I have gathered from working in an office full time:


Have you heard of the phrase a tidy desk = a tidy mind? I personally find this so true and a tidy work space makes me a lot more productive due to there not being distractions or the stress of mess. Remove any unnecessary items from your desk top, or use drawers (if you have them) to your advantage.

Use Files

Are piles of paper something you struggle with? Use filing to your advantage or paper trays. I know…not that most exciting thing I have ever written about, but it does make a world of difference. You can get really nice looking office supplies now too so you can make them a feature of your desk.

Take Down The Clock

Do you find yourself clock-watching? I am so guilty of this at work as I sit basically opposite one. It can make the day seem like it is dragging. Checking the clock all the time can create a feeling of being overwhelmed with all of the tasks you have to do in the day. A good alternative would be to set alarms on your phone if you have meetings scheduled or you’ve set blocks of time for certain projects. Put your alarms on and put the phone in a drawer.



Multitasking, in theory, sounds like a good idea, however did you know that only 2% of people can effectively multitask? Do you fancy yourself as being in that 2%? It’s a very slim chance.

Turn Off Digital Distractions

Getting a notification through on your phone may seem like it distracts you for a second or two, however in reality it can take us minutes to get back on track. What can you do? As I suggested above, put your phone in a drawer or on the other side of the room. If you can, put it on silent or flight mode for even less distraction.

Physical Shift

Sometimes getting up and moving around between tasks can help your mind shift onto the next project. Why don’t you try getting up to make a cup of tea or move into another room and take a stretch for a couple of minutes? Physically moving yourself away from your work space and then coming back to it can help reset your brain onto the next task.

To-Do Lists

Lists are an amazing way to keep track of what you need to do and what you have completed. For each project you need to work on it is a good idea to create a to-do list which you work from, meaning you will get less distracted from the work at hand.

Distractions List

If you do find your mind wandering, have a pad of paper at hand to write down these distractions which you can come back to at a later time. Writing something down and getting it out of your head is very good for your productivity, as the brain can replay these distractions over and over again.



Sort Tasks

Sort task onto three levels – Must, Should and Want. Must tasks are what you should be putting at the top of your to-do list at the start of the day. Should tasks can come after the Must list and can be started when the Must tasks have all been done. Want tasks are at the bottom of the list and you can get to them if you have completed your Must and Should tasks.

Be Ruthless 

Some tasks on your to-do list may have seemed like a useful step at the time, however when you come to do it you need to make sure it will be helping you in the right direction towards achieving your overall goal. Ask yourself ‘is this task helping me reach my goal?’ and if not, cut it from the list.




Don’t forget to reward all of the hard work you are doing! Maybe have a sweet treat ready and waiting for you in the kitchen for when you complete a certain task, or take an hours break to catch-up on a Netflix series. All work and no play can lead to a burnout. Visualise your successes buy writing them on sticky notes and placing them on your desk or wall for extra motivation!


Do you feel motivated when you listen to a certain genre of music, or listen to podcasts? As long as they aren’t distracting you, go ahead and play those as you work. TV can be a big no-no for productivity because you have both visual and audio stimulation which can distract you easier, but again, if it works for you and it makes you productive then go ahead and watch some TV! Find what works for you.



Diet, Sleep & Exercise

You will be at your most productive when you are well-rested and feeling healthy and happy. If you are feeling drowsy by late morning, take a look at how many hours you are sleeping for. If you are uncomfortable and bloated, is there something in your diet you need to address? Does your body ache sitting at a desk for hours at a time? Maybe it is time to do a bit more moving everyday. Looking after yourself first and foremost makes sure you are in the right frame of mind to work hard and be the most productive version of you that you can be!

I hope you enjoyed reading these productivity tips. Do you live by a tip I have missed out? Leave it in the comments!

H x

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