Why I Left My Gym & Tips On Finding The Right Gym For You

April 18, 2018

You may or may not have seen on my Twitter or Instagram accounts that I recently left my budget gym that I had been based at for years now.


Why? Numerous reasons really, but the gym had started to become a place of anxiety and self-consciousness which I had never really experienced before. The gym had once been a safe haven for me to work through troubles going on in my life, but towards the end of 2017 it became somewhere negative that made me feel self-conscious and it was just an overall negative place to be for me.

So I took the plunge and decided to leave. It felt like a massive shame as I had been a loyal member at the gym for years and years, but because of recent changes I felt like I didn’t belong there anymore.

There are a lot of others who have had to leave their gyms too:

Saffron Watson“I quit my last gym because I didn’t feel motivated to go, it was mainly really ripped and fit people who went. My new gym is very friendly and inclusive and there’s people of all sizes which makes me feel better and like I fit in!”

Zoe Hewett – “Yes I once quit a gym membership due to the awkward atmosphere created by all the music vids full of semi clad women being on the tv, and being the only woman in there. Since found way better options!”

Nathalie“Yes! I used to go to a small gym which was also the home of some prominent sports teams and athletes. Although the owner also allowed regular consumers I felt very unwelcome, as he obviously didn’t want to spend his time helping or even acknowledging ‘regular citizens’. He even had the habit of looking annoyed when we simply walked in! After some asking around we found out we weren’t the only ones – and that their stories were even worse. We left for another gym and felt a lot better for it!”


So how did I find my new gym? 

It took a bit of researching and contemplation to find something that met my needs in terms of not finding somewhere else where I would end up feeling the same way. Below are some tips I have learnt:




If you are thinking of leaving, there must be something going on to make you feel that way. List what it is about your current gym you dislike and keep that in mind when you visit or look at any alternatives. Be really picky if you like!



Is there specific equipment or machines you like to use? Make sure to put them on your list. If having a large free weights section is make or break, make sure it is at the top of your list.



It may sound obvious but in can be forgotten about when you have other specifics in mind. If you work out before work you will need to make sure the gym is open at that time. Equally, if you go after late shifts at work make sure to check when the gym is open until. Location is also important to make sure it is actually convenient for you to get to.



If you are an avid class lover there is no point in joining a new gym that offers little or no classes. It is also worth checking if the gym requires you to spend more money to add classes to your membership which can be common.



This may seem a little random, but it is quite important if you are hoping to get some sort of guidance or help on your fitness journey from these people. A professional gym should have a page dedicated to their staff members and their qualification/skill base within fitness and health.



Probably the most important point of all is to visit the new gym before signing away on the dotted line. Photos can be deceiving and you can’t tell the atmosphere from a gym without visiting it, so I would urge you to go for a look around and possibly go through an induction so you can see if it feels right for you.

Do you have any more tips for someone looking for a new gym? Leave them below in the comments!

H x

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