Completing The Wolf Run & Why Everyone Should Take Part In A Mud Run*

May 2, 2018

*I was gifted free entry to take part in The Wolf Run in return for a write-up of the event. All words and opinions are my own.


How often do you do something out of your comfort zone?

I am quite a spontaneous person and challenging myself is something I love to do all the time when it comes to try new activities. I had previously completed the Major Series and OCR training with the Royal Marines, but it was my first time trying The Wolf Run.

The Wolf Run is a 10km cross-country off-road run featuring a mixture of man-made and natural obstacles. These included tunnels, swimming in lakes, rope walls, tyres and a handful more.

There are four events throughout the year – Spring, Summer Autumn & Winter). This event is described as a ‘wild run’ and it felt like just that!

How did I get on?

Pretty well I think.

After a five minute warm-up, the whistle blew and it was my turn to start 10km. I think I completed the 10km course in around 2 hours, however The Wold Run isn’t a timed event so timing chips weren’t provided.

The amount of uphill and cross-country running took a toll on my ankles but it is doing different activities like this that you aren’t used to that strengthens your body. I haven’t really ran a longer distance like this since my half-marathon so it was a bit of a challenge mentally too, but the feeling of pride when you finish is so worth it.

Most people there were doing it in small groups but I was on my own. This made me very nervous initially as no-one would be there to help me or pep-talk me if I needed it. But I went for it and everyone was helpful along the way – there was a real sense of community and most were more than happy to help out if you needed it.

It sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, but the location of the event was absolutely beautiful. It was held at Pippingford Park in East Sussex which I live pretty close-by to and the views from the top of the hills we ran up were amazing.

Everyone should do a mud run.

Whatever your exercise background I feel everyone should try a mud run. The word ‘run’ can put people off but you don’t have to run all the way! I certainly didn’t run the whole way because it was so steep and slippery.

There were people taking part of all abilities, fitness levels, shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be a pro to do something like this. The endorphins you feel at the end of the course outweighs any initial nerves and you feel so proud of yourself and like you can do anything!

It is something so different and it is actually really fun from my experience. Yes, it can be tough but it is a fun event and you can skip obstacles if you feel you really can’t do them. The marshalls are all so friendly and supportive and at the end of the day there to help you get round safely.

See, look how much fun I was having! Do you want to challenge yourself and have fun doing so? For more information on the Wolf Run and to take on the ‘Autumn Wolf’ back at Pippingford Park on 29/30th September, visit –


H x

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