A Letter To My Body

June 6, 2018

Inspired by this post by the wonderful Carly Rowena.

Twenty seven and a half years have been spent with you, and it has not been an easy ride! I have not always been kind to you or respected you, but it is something I am certainly working on. I now see how amazing you are!

Rewind to when I was small. I was born with a thick head of hair which I have carried with me throughout my life so far. I would always curse my curly locks and thick layers and straighten the hell out of my hair everyday to my dad’s dismay. I died my hair a terribly dark brown colour which didn’t suit me so I could fit in when I went through my (now laughable) emo stage. That pretty much ruined it and I learnt never to dye my hair myself again after that!

I really took my fast metabolism for granted when I was younger, that’s for sure! Oh how I wish I could go back and bottle that up so it would be the same twenty years on…but you’ve changed with age and that is ok.

Boobs, I have been so fucking mean to you! When you first started growing I absolutely hated you and wanted to go back to having none. I was so active all the time and I felt like you just got in the way. You have grown and shrunk numerous times and I have never really been satisfied with you – does that sound familiar ladies?! But you know what, I am really starting to love them at whatever size and shape they are. I always felt pressured by the media for my boobs to be big and I even looked into plastic surgery at one point, but I am learning to love what I have and own it.

Legs and bum, you have changed so much. Going from super long and lean pins to being a lot curvier has been a bit of a mental struggle and one I have blamed on you time and time again. It seems that everything I eat goes straight to you, which at one point created an unhealthy relationship with food, but now I realise that this is the shape you are destined to be and I should be accepting of that. You are so strong and even though I have stretch marks and dimples here and there, I am trying to love you as best I can.

You have got me to where I stand today. You have put up with all the shit I have been through both emotionally and mentally. You have kept me alive and well up until right this second and for that I am so thankful. I have cracked my head open twice and stepped in glass numerous times when I was told to put shoes on when I played outside, but here I stand in one piece still (touch wood!) Over the past couple of years I have realised the benefits of looking after you properly and how much better it makes me feel, so I strive to continue to do this.

Photo by Fordtography.

H x

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