“Protein Will Make Me Bulky” & Other Myths About Protein Powder Debunked*

June 13, 2018

*This is collaborative with the guide provided by Scitec Nutrition. All words and opinions are my own.


“Do you take protein powder” is a question I get quite regularly on Instagram, and it can be quite a talking point as everyone has their own opinions on it.

For me personally, I do use protein supplements as it helps with recovery after training but also protein seems to give me an extra boost of energy in the day which is never a bad thing. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference – you will find people out there telling you not to take protein, and you will find people who use it everyday. Find what works best for you!

If you want to know more about the benefits of protein read this handy guide created by Scitec Nutrition.


There are a number of myths about taking protein, and especially women taking protein which need to be debunked:


“Protein will make me bulky”

Not true! Males produce higher levels of testosterone, and it is testosterone which is responsible for larger muscle mass. Females have lower testosterone levels so as a result you’re not going to build up muscle the same way a male fried or partner would.


“Protein only comes from meat”

Nope…Protein does not only come from meat. There are plenty of people out there who strength train and are on a plant-based diet. Beans, seeds, nuts, legumes, eggs, cheese and whole grains are just some meat-free sources of protein and you can also easily increase your protein intake using protein powder or other supplements.


“You should take protein straight after a workout”

Not necessarily. It appears the time in which you consume protein after a workout isn’t as important as once thought. What is more important is the amount of protein you’re consuming throughout your day alongside a balanced diet. Post-workout nutrition is important, but don’t forget to think about the rest of daily diet too.


“You can just use protein powders instead of food”

No, no, no! Protein shakes are convenient and the powder is easily absorbed by the body. Whilst supplements are a great protein source, they should not be a substitute for whole food sources. A variation of protein, both plant and animal based, alongside a balanced diet of whole foods  will also provide the body with essential micro and macronutrients.


How about you?..Do you take protein as a supplement? I would love to know your opinions below in the comments!

H x

One response to ““Protein Will Make Me Bulky” & Other Myths About Protein Powder Debunked*”

  1. primavera says:

    Hi, great entry! I personally drink 1 protein shake daily and I often have it for breakfast. It gives me a great energy boost & saves me time in the morning. I heard all of these myths before but I particularly remember one of my close friends worryingly tell me that protein will make me grow muscles & gain weight so I should stop drinking protein shakes! 🙂

    primavera xx

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