Honest London Marathon Training Diary | 9 Months To Go

July 18, 2018

I have officially started running again to train for the London Marathon which is taking place in April 2019. I am running for Samaritans whose services and hard work resides very close to my heart – read about why I chose Samaritans.

The last time I ran properly was to train for my half marathon which consisted of training in the Autumn and Winter of 2016. I found the event hard, both mentally and physically, and it put me off running if I am honest!

However in April this year, I was watching the London Marathon taking place and it always makes me feel so emotional and inspired. So I promised myself I would find a way to run it for a mental health charity – and here I am, 9 months away from my biggest challenge yet.


So…how is training going?

One word – HOT!

As we all know, the UK is in the middle of a heatwave, and I am so not used to running in the heat. As I said above, I trained for the half marathon in the colder months and I find it a lot easier, so training has been a bit of a slog but my times are getting quicker and quicker.

I am aiming to run 3 times a week with some resistance/weight training in between.

I am using the app 5K Runner to help me pace myself as I tend to go in full force and end up with injuries which I hope to avoid. I want to review the app after I have finished using it, but right now it is proving very helpful for my training.

No injuries to report though which is the main thing! I need to get my hands on some running shorts as it will probably make it a little more bearable in the heat.

Have you ever trained for a marathon and have any tips you can give me? Also any tips on running in the heat would be appreciated.

Keep up with my training diaries every month to see how I am getting on!


H x

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