Honest London Marathon Training Diary | 7 Months To Go

September 19, 2018

This month I have finally started to feel like a human being again and have been able to start thinking about training again. I was debating whether to pick up where I left off or to start my training program again and thanks to fellow runners on Twitter, I decided that it would be safest for me to start again.

When I ran the half marathon in 2017 I found it incredibly hard both physically and mentally. My feet, knees, hips and back were incredibly painful and I think that is down to my poor choice of running shoe. So to avoid this I decided to go and get a proper gait analysis. I had a video gait analysis done which included being filmed running on a treadmill to see how I was landing on my feet, and running outdoors on the pavement. I tried on a number of different running shoes. They all had an incredible amount of support compared to the Nikes I had, and I am finally feeling a little better in terms of the pain marathon training entails.

So training has commenced, and after not running for around a month it is hard, painful and not fun. I am hoping this initial stage will pass sooner rather than later and it becomes easier.

Until next time…please send me good running vibes!


H x

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