Finding Kalms Within Anxiety*

October 10, 2018

*This post is in partnership with Kalms.


Finding calm in a storm of anxiety or stress can be extremely challenging. When your mind starts whirring, your heart beats faster and your breaths get shallower, it can be hard to drag yourself out of the anxiety spiral.

There are of course many different reasons why someone will suffer from anxiety, but some of the common causes include:

For me personally, my anxiety stemmed from a number of different origins. As a young child, I believe I may have had social anxiety as I never really enjoyed going to parties or being put in a social situation which I knew would make me uncomfortable. Luckily for me, I outgrew this when I went to college at age 18. Toxic friendships and relationship in my late teens/early twenties really triggered anxiety in me and I feel this was the start of my journey with mental illness.

It is common for people to assume anxiety is ‘all in your head,’ however, anxiety also creates a lot of physical issues including stomach upset, shaking, feeling faint and exhaustion. Kalms can aid in eradicating some of these symptoms.

I am not alone, however. One in five people in the UK report feeling anxious a lot or all of the time, which leads to an impact in everyday life such as social activities, work and overall wellbeing. According to the UK statistics, more than 45 million working days have been lost due to anxiety in the past three years alone. For the first time in the UK, there is now a new option to relieve the symptoms of mild anxiety with lavender oil in a one-a-day capsule. The results of over 15 clinical trials have shown that a daily capsule of lavender oil can relieve the symptoms of anxiety, with benefits notable in just one to two weeks. One study found that symptoms in 70% of those taking the Kalms lavender oil capsules were rated as ‘much’ or ‘very much’ improved when assessed at the end of treatment.

So, what can we do to help others?

Ask what help they need. Never assume as they may just need someone to simply sit and listen to them express everything they are thinking or feeling. Check in with friends or family if you feel they are being a little more distant than usual.

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Disclaimer – please got to your GP to discuss taking herbal medication alongside other medications such as anti-depressants to see if it suitable for you.

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