What To Say To Yourself When Feeling Disheartened

October 31, 2018

We all know how it feels to be disheartened. Things don’t always turn out the way we had hoped, or we put so much effort into something we are passionate about and it seems no-one really cares.

This is definitely something that resonates with me within the blogging world, how about you?

I have been incredibly lucky to be shortlisted in two blog awards in the past year, however, when some recent blog award results came out and I wasn’t nominated I couldn’t help but feel like I have been doing something wrong. Are people no longer liking my content? But then I thought about what I would say to a friend if they were in my shoes.

At the end of the day, you are not going to everyone’s cup of tea, but that is totally ok! Blogging should be about what YOU want to write about and what you are passionate about. Awards are great and everything, but it isn’t a measure of how well your blog is doing or how good you are at it.

I write about blogging because it is relevant to the recent blog award announcements, however, I have experienced being disheartened in many other areas of my life. Failed relationships made me question myself. I am currently training for the London Marathon and an injury has meant I’ve had to sit out for three weeks – that triggered some major self-doubt and thoughts that I’d already failed.

Feeling disheartened is unfortunately quite a common part of life, but one that we can help by shifting our mindset. Below are three things you should remember to say to yourself when feeling disheartened:

“Look at the positive.” You may not have been nominated for a blogging award, but look at what other achievements you have managed and milestones you have hit. Thoughts like “I’m not good enough” “nobody likes my content,” or “why am I bothering” can creep in but they are just in your mind. They aren’t facts. Changing your mindset to one that is optimistic and grateful will make a world of difference to how hard you are on yourself.


“Don’t you dare quit!” Never make a rash decision on a temporary feeling. Throwing in the towel is incredibly tempting when we feel discouraged, but it is likely that those thoughts and feelings will be different in a short while. If you are passionate about something and you enjoy it, the only person that matters is YOU.


“Keep going, it doesn’t happen overnight.” Results don’t happen overnight, unfortunately. Most of the time in order to succeed we need to work hard and consistently which can be hard in between other life commitments. Today we are so used to getting quick results or believing we can get quick results. In reality, things do take time and patience which can be frustrating, but it is important to keep on going.


What do you say to yourself to stop yourself from feeling disheartened?


H x

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