Is It A Help Or A Hindrance To Have A ‘Goal Weight’?

January 31, 2019

When I first started my fitness journey I definitely had a ‘goal weight’ in mind and that is the only way I measured my progress and how fit I was. How did I calculate that? Using a trusty NHS BMI calculator which has been in the press a lot lately for labeling people ‘overweight’ when they clearly are not. So after checking my own BMI and finding myself at the higher end of the ‘normal’ range, I decided that was too close to being labeled ‘overweight’ for comfort so I worked out a ‘goal weight’ to aim for.

I wasn’t aware of the factors that the BMI scale doesn’t take into consideration however, so this goal weight I came up with on my own was probably completely wrong and not sustainable for my body. The BMI scale doesn’t distinguish the difference between muscle and fat which is a big issue seeing as muscle is denser than fat. This means that athletes and individuals with a good amount of muscle mass could sit as ‘overweight’ on the BMI scale which is obviously inaccurate.

For me personally, having a goal weight was a hindrance and resulted in an unhealthy relationship with both exercise and food which you can read more about here. My goal weight was just not sustainable for my body which resulted in exhaustion and illness. I also asked my Twitter followers on their thoughts and 79% thought having a goal weight is a hindrance.

STOP giving the scales so much power over your happiness and health. I specifically bought some scales for my initial weight loss journey all those years ago, but I can’t actually remember the last time I weighed myself. I don’t find it motivating or a positive experience so I don’t do it anymore. Don’t let the driving force in your fitness journey be a number on the scale. You need to be listening to your body in order to feel healthy. If you are exhausted all the time you could be overtraining or not eating enough. Your body will give you these signals, not the scale.

There are plenty of other methods of tracking your fitness progress such as:

Body measurements, weight lifted, distance ran, quality of sleep, stress levels…

Whether you find having a goal weight a help or a hindrance, one of the main methods to track how healthy you actually as is listening to your body. Never ignore signals from your body.

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  1. Love this post! I’m so happy to hear that the scale isn’t dominating your fitness goals! I was on the same boat where the scale was dominating my fitness goals and I wasn’t happy. It took me a while and several friends telling me to focus on my own body image and how I feel about myself rather than numbers.

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