Introducing Anxious Girl Collective

April 2, 2019

It has been a little quiet over here the past month or so, and that’s because I have been working hard on a new project. For so long I have had a dream to create a community of women who suffer from anxiety. Why? When I was first diagnosed in my late teens I felt completely alone and like no-one understood what I was going through, however much I explained it. If there had been an easy access support group I would have loved that; to have the chance to connect with other women who know the struggle of life with anxiety.

This is why Anxious Girl Collective has been created! I have had a decade of life experience of living with anxiety and through therapy and general self-help I feel I can help others out there and share knowledge and inspiration with them. No, I am not a counsellor and don’t pretend to be, but if I can help someone out there not feel alone, the project will all be worth it.

Anxious Girl Collective is a website with information, real-life stories and a blog which will be filled with different articles all relating the anxiety and life. The Instagram page will be filled with inspirational quotes, people to follow and anxiety tips. The Facebook group is where I hope the main hub will be – discussions, sharing ideas and tips, and connecting with likeminded women.

If you suffer from anxiety and would like to join a supportive group of women, then please join the Facebook group! I hope to see you there soon x

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